Maxeff Motors in Kenya

Maxeff motor stands out from conventional electric motors due to its innovative design featuring an all-in-one induction generator circuit. Unlike traditional models, Maxeff utilizes a two-circuit design with shared magnetic field, rotor, and stator, resulting in greater shaft power compared to similar induction motors.

The motor circuit is directly powered, and the generator circuit is 180° phase out. When the motor is connected using the DOL (Direct On Line) method, it operates with reduced current consumption, utilizing only 2/3rd of the winding and effectively limiting higher Inrush current. Once the generator circuit is activated, the motor operates at full capacity, increasing its speed without requiring a high Inrush current, while still maintaining higher LRC (Locked Rotor Current).

AMaxeff motor offers numerous advantages over traditional electric motors:

  1. Reduces Amps: Maxeff motor lowers current consumption by 15% to 30% at full load and 50% to 90% at no load, resulting in energy savings.

  2. Higher Torque: The motor produces higher torque, making it suitable for demanding applications.

  3. Closer to Synchronous Speed: Maxeff motor runs closer to synchronous speed with less slip, enhancing overall efficiency.

  4. Reduced kW/h Consumption: It leads to a reduction in kW/h consumption by 3% to 10%, further increasing energy efficiency.

  5. Maxeff Soft Start: The motor allows unlimited starts and stops per hour with Maxeff Soft Start, ensuring smooth operations.

  6. Lower Inrush: The motor experiences lower inrush current, minimizing stress on the electrical system during startup.

  7. Cooler Operation: Maxeff motor runs cooler, reducing the risk of overheating and extending the motor’s lifespan.

  8. Intermittent Shaft Overloads: It can accept intermittent shaft overloads up to 200%, offering greater flexibility in operation.

  9. Elimination of Reactive Power: Maxeff motor eliminates reactive (KVAR) power at any load level, improving power factor and reducing wastage.

  10. Leading VARs: It produces leading VARs at loads less than full load, contributing to better power factor correction.

  11. Power Factor One at Full Load: Maxeff motor operates at Power Factor One at full load, maximizing energy utilization.

  12. Grid Power Factor Correction: The motor addresses the root cause of reactive power waste, leading to a reduction in grid current.